Date Nite at Disneyland (Part Two)


In March I was practicing creating faux retro pieces in Adobe Illustrator and I mocked up an advertisement for the “Date Nite at Disneyland” events of old. I got a really good response, but I kept returning to the piece examining it’s flaws and thinking that I could do a better job if I was to attempt it again. Luckily, I had a free weekend to do so!

While I’m still not comfortable with the typography in either piece, I do like my color selection better here. I thought it would be fun to play with light reflecting off of the castle at sunset.

I hope that you enjoy! Thanks!

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  1. I feel like they should be two-strawing a milkshake or he should be handing her a Mickey bar. Something that links the two of them. This is really cool.

  2. Dude…I hope you don’t mind me saying this. You are being a typical artist and way over analyzing your work. This is awesome! Very well done. I thought this was a genuine piece of mid-century ephemera when I first saw it. Keep up the good work!

    • Why thank you! I do know that I am very hard on myself, but I enjoy the internal competition. It’s the only way to keep striving myself to do better! My intention was never to “fool people” with these pieces, but it’s really turned into a terrific compliment, as you said. Thank you for the kind words and for dropping a line, I appreciate it!

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